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Chromosome Fragility

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Disease relevance of Chromosome Fragility


High impact information on Chromosome Fragility

  • The findings indicate that constitutional genetic instability can lead to karyotypically aberrant neoplastic clones in the Estren-Dameshek variant of FA as well as in the more typical chromosomal fragility syndromes [2].
  • Under conditions of folate deprivation, the chromosomal fragility level, the pattern and the frequency of expression of fragile sites in XP patients and in their parents were similar to normal [3].
  • FRAXF, the third X-chromosomal fragile site to be cloned, has been shown to harbour a polymorphic compound triplet array: (GCCGTC)n (GCC)n. Expansion and methylation of the GCC-repeat and the neighbouring CpG-rich region result in chromosomal fragility [4].
  • Different cytogenetic alterations and different types of malignancies are more common in Bloom syndrome, and in other GDIDs unrelated to chromosomal fragility, possibly due to different regulatory impairments [5].
  • Spontaneous and diepoxybutane-induced chromosomal fragility was within the range of normal cells but was elevated through induction with 4-nitroquinoline-oxide [6].

Gene context of Chromosome Fragility


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