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Disease relevance of Flavobacteriaceae


High impact information on Flavobacteriaceae

  • Kinetic parameters of EBR-1 were similar to those of class B enzymes such as BlaB, IND-2, and GOB-1 identified from other Flavobacteriaceae species, except for meropenem, which was more hydrolyzed by beta-lactamase GOB-1 [3].
  • However, strain UST20020801(T) possessed menaquinone-6, a major respiratory quinone of members of the family Flavobacteriaceae [4].
  • The isolate had major amounts of iso-branched and 3-hydroxy iso-branched fatty acids and menaquinone 6 and a DNA G+C content of 34 mol%; these chemotaxonomic characters also supported the placement of the organism in the family Flavobacteriaceae [5].
  • Zobellia galactanovorans gen. nov., sp. nov., a marine species of Flavobacteriaceae isolated from a red alga, and classification of [6].


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