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Patient Transfer

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Disease relevance of Patient Transfer

  • Determining the place where patients acquired MRSA was made difficult by the high frequency of endemic phage types and frequent patient transfer between wards [1].

High impact information on Patient Transfer

  • CONCLUSION: Xenon-enhanced CT CBF evaluation can be combined with clinical testing during BTO without patient transfer, balloon reinflation, or increases in the duration of the procedure [2].
  • DESIGN: Observational and descriptive; routine and special MRSA surveillance data for nursing home and hospital were reviewed for a four-year period (1988 to 1991) as were records regarding patient transfers from nursing home to hospital [3].
  • CONCLUSIONS: GPs and geriatricians appeared to be familiar with the current debate on B12-associated problems, suggesting that health care quality will be unaffected by patient transfer from hospital care to primary health care [4].
  • We describe our experience at the Stroke Center at Hartford Hospital with interhospital patient transfers who received IV t-PA prior to transfer to our medical center [5].
  • It is recommended that staff waiting for assistance with patient transfers stand away from the patient, that tungsten syringe shields be used for all radiopharmaceutical injections and that a 0.5 mm lead apron be worn when attending patients containing high activities of 99Tcm radiopharmaceuticals, such as those having myocardial imaging [6].

Gene context of Patient Transfer

  • Calif. hospital settles federal charges of 'patient dumping' [7].
  • Health care risk managers have mixed feelings about the new regulations governing patient transfer and the National Practitioner Data Bank. Although cumbersome, the regulations give risk managers the teeth to enforce practices that may previously have been difficult to enact [8].
  • Nurse and pharmacist reports, incident reports, physician consults, patient transfers to critical care units, and serum drug concentration reports were additional means of ADR identification [9].
  • Use of the BIPP Transfer Evaluation during the BIPP pilot study revealed a 19% +/- 5% SE (P = .0003) improvement in the quality of patient transfer in the intervention group [10].


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