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High impact information on Cicatrix

  • 3 control infants (760 g, 780 g, 1020 g) were blind in both eyes (grade V cicatricial RLF), whereas the most severe grade of disease in the vitamin E infants was grade II cicatrix [1].
  • Puromycin treatment resulted in a cicatrix with initial decreased cell density but which contained a new class of nerve fibres at 30 DPO [2].
  • After oral prednisolone was administered, the retinal lesions regressed and cicatrices with chorioretinal atrophy and fibrous tissue formed [3].
  • The efficiency of bilidase (hyaluronidase preparation) was studied in guinea pigs with experimental postburn cicatrices [4].
  • Using CO2 laser, cicatrix was released by making radial cuts and the oropharyngeal opening was widened [5].

Gene context of Cicatrix


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