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High impact information on Zoonoses

  • Bats were captured near dwellings and sent to The Rabies Diagnostic Laboratory at the Center for Control of Zoonoses (Sao Paulo, Brazil) to be examined [1].
  • Human-autologous-serum cell expansion avoids the risk of prion, viral or zoonoses contamination [2].
  • Most diagnostic work conducted on the Taenia species zoonoses has been carried out on the larval stage of Taenia solium in man, reflecting the relative severity of the pathology caused by this stage of that organism [3].
  • SEAMEO TROPMED Network in collaboration with the Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University and other institutions has regularly organized the Seminar on Food-borne Parasitic Zoonoses every 3-5 years over the past 15 years [4].
  • As the demand for human organs is increasing rapidly, the pig might serve as donor of xenotranplants, provided the transmission of zoonoses from the donor animal to the human recipient is prevented, donor organ anatomy and function are compatible, and immunological rejections (HAR, VAR MAC) can be overcome [5].

Chemical compound and disease context of Zoonoses

  • It gives an overview of the activities carried out by the World Health Organization for the control of the different zoonoses prevalent in the Region and also looks at emerging and re-emerging zoonoses [6].

Gene context of Zoonoses

  • Parasitic zoonoses in Sri Lanka (Part 1) [7].
  • Proposals submitted to the EEC Commission consist of a stepwise inclusion of the major herds of meat animals in systematic health control aimed at effective control of zoonoses and thus improved consumer protection [8].
  • It could be shown, that on the Cape Verde Islands there is to be counted with numerous zoonoses due to various microorganisms in man as well as in domestic animals [9].


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