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Sri Lanka

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Disease relevance of Sri Lanka


Psychiatry related information on Sri Lanka

  • The Korean version of the Swedish Performance Evaluation System (Simple Reaction Time, Symbol Digit, and Finger Tapping Speed) and a pegboard test were administered to 537 workers who were not exposed to chemicals at work from Fareast (Korea and Chinese), Central (Uzbekistan and Tajikistan), and South Asia (Sri Lanka and Indonesia) [5].

High impact information on Sri Lanka

  • BACKGROUND: Severe cardiac glycoside cardiotoxicity after ingestion of yellow oleander seeds is an important problem in rural areas of Sri Lanka. Currently, patients must be transferred to the capital for temporary cardiac pacing [6].
  • METHODS: A cross-sectional study was done in Sri Lanka, where prescription of mebendazole to women in the second trimester of pregnancy is recommended [7].
  • A period when the acetyl cholinesterase reactivator pralidoxime chloride was not available in Sri Lanka gave us the opportunity to compare atropine alone for treatment of moderate to severe OP poisoning (21 patients) with atropine plus pralixodime (24 patients) [8].
  • Intestinal lactase deficiency in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) [9].
  • To test the involvement of the GHRH-R gene in this disease phenotype, we investigated one candidate Tamoulean family originating from Sri Lanka. Two brothers, with extremely short stature (< -4 SD) and no dysmorphy, were diagnosed as having complete GHD, unresponsive to exogenous GHRH and associated with PRL levels within the lower normal range [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Sri Lanka


Biological context of Sri Lanka


Anatomical context of Sri Lanka

  • Sera from acute primary Plasmodium falciparum patients in Sri Lanka were tested for the presence of antibodies against gamete antigens and for their functional effects of transmission blocking activity [20].
  • The estimated levels of hydrogen sulfide just above the water surface were plotted for the most polluted stagnant water body in Sri Lanka for the pH range of 5-10 and temperature range of 25-35 degrees C [21].
  • In all samples from Italy, Mexico and Sri Lanka, high probability of lipid lesion occurrence was found between the emergences of the intercostal arteries, next to the emergence of the celiac trunk, between the emergence of the superior and inferior lumbar arteries and between the emergence of the 1st and the 2nd mesenteric arteries [22].

Associations of Sri Lanka with chemical compounds

  • A representative country-wide rural nutrition status survey determined the extent and distribution of vitamin A deficiency in Sri Lanka in children 6 through 71 months of age [23].
  • Vitamin E deficiency in phrynoderma cases from Sri Lanka [24].
  • Phrynoderma cases were identified in a village close to Colombo in Sri Lanka. The alpha-tocopherol level in plasma was 3.3 +/- 0.6 mumol/L among the phrynoderma patients (n = 11) and 13.0 +/- 2.3 mumol/L among the control subjects (p less than 0.002) [24].
  • Salivary lithium: a trial of Selinger's method in Sri Lanka [25].
  • Activated carbon is made in Sri Lanka by passing steam through charcoal made from coconut shells [26].

Gene context of Sri Lanka

  • The identical nonsense mutations in the extracellular domain of the GHRHR (E72X or E50X, depending on whether the signal peptide is included in the numbering) has been independently described in three families residing on or originating from the Indian subcontinent (Pakistan, the Bombay region, and Delft near Sri Lanka) [27].
  • Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome type 4 in a patient from Sri Lanka with pulmonary fibrosis [28].
  • CONCLUSION: These results suggest that DHPLC analysis is a useful high-throughput method for genotyping FUT2 and, further, that the genetic backgrounds of two Sri Lankan populations are quite similar, with little genetic flow from neighboring East and Southeast Asian populations to Sri Lanka [16].
  • Two novel FUT3 alleles responsible for Lewis-null phenotypes in Sri Lanka [29].
  • A high frequency of the G6PD deficient gene was detected in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka. The frequency in the ancient villages is much higher than that of the recently colonised areas [30].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Sri Lanka


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