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Disease relevance of Gonioscopy


High impact information on Gonioscopy

  • A period of great progress in the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma began in the 1920's with the development of gonioscopy apparatus and the slitlamp, and the first application of epinephrine in the treatment of the disease [2].
  • METHODS: 3924/4800 enumerated (81.75%) subjects, aged 40 years or more from rural Tamil Nadu, underwent comprehensive ophthalmic examination-visual acuity, refraction, intraocular pressure, gonioscopy, cataract grading (LOCS II), retinal examination, and SITA Standard where indicated [3].
  • In this preliminary study, treatment with 0.005% latanoprost once-daily resulted in a significant reduction in IOP in CACG patients with 360 degrees of PAS on gonioscopy [4].
  • Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC), an unpreserved, viscous solution, might well provide adequate patient comfort and cushioning during gonioscopy without producing blur or irritation [5].
  • Gonioscopy revealed angle neovascularisation in the eyes of 30 patients; however, fluorescein gonioangiography showed evidence of angle neovascularisation in 56 of the 100 patients [6].

Anatomical context of Gonioscopy

  • We describe a simple method of combined cataract-glaucoma surgery, involving use of the THC:YAG (holmium) laser ab interno, without gonioscopy, in which the initial cataract incision remains small and the glaucoma filtering procedure can be completed relatively quickly, with minimal surgical manipulation of the conjunctiva [7].

Associations of Gonioscopy with chemical compounds

  • Combined cataract-glaucoma surgery using the THC:YAG (holmium) laser ab interno without gonioscopy [7].

Gene context of Gonioscopy

  • The ophthalmological examination included slit-lamp grading of limbal chamber depth (LCD), axial Haag Streit pachymetric chamber depth (ACD) measurement and direct gonioscopy in all shallow chamber cases [8].


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