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Job Description

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Psychiatry related information on Job Description

  • We take site visits very seriously, and have composed a package that includes information about the hospital, network/modality diagrams, EIT job descriptions, PACS information and various time studies that we have completed since going firmless [1].

High impact information on Job Description

  • Occupational exposure was documented by reviewing job descriptions and by measuring TCDD in serum from a sample of 253 workers [2].
  • RESULTS: Women entered academic medicine with shorter periods of fellowship training and were less likely to be members in the Alpha Omega Alpha honor society, but they had job descriptions similar to those of men, with similar allocation of work between research, clinical, and teaching activities [3].
  • Chlorophenol exposure was assigned using both an intensity and a confidence estimate by an industrial hygienist based on verbatim job descriptions [4].
  • A chemist specializing in glycol ethers evaluated exposure during pregnancy, using the job description given by the mother, without knowledge of case or control status [5].
  • METHOD:All first wave PMS pilot sites with salaried GP posts known to be 'live' in October 1998 were included in the analysis of employment contracts and job descriptions [6].

Associations of Job Description with chemical compounds

  • The results of the study demonstrate that occupational and environmental histories from which exposure information can be derived is most reliably elicited from job descriptions of cases and control subjects rather than job titles alone or detailed probes for potential neurotoxic exposures [7].
  • 1. Reduce the Roles Within the Emergency Department. Expand staff job descriptions, and as a result, the ED's flexibility by reducing the number of separate and distinct roles in the ED [8].
  • Three Careers "Fact Sheets" include information on CE and BMET job titles, job descriptions, and certification [9].

Gene context of Job Description

  • A PACS coordinator job description was created [10].
  • Communicating for top performance: the job description - Part I [11].
  • Legal case briefs for nurses. NY: overworked nurse falls asleep at wheel: auto accident--workers' comp. issue; NY: working outside of job description: union contract and civil service violations [12].


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