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Time and Motion Studies

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Disease relevance of Time and Motion Studies


High impact information on Time and Motion Studies

  • In PHT gastric mucosa, MKP-1 mRNA and protein expression were increased at baseline versus SO rats and were increased further following alcohol injury with values higher by 20%-40% at each study time versus SO rats [6].
  • The 10 d stress time studies indicate that increased IL-6 secretion is positively related to elevated iSP in the peritoneal wash fluid and inversely related to reduced iSP in certain peritoneum-containing tissues [7].
  • Each underwent a liquid gastric emptying study and a lactulose oral-cecal transit time study [8].
  • Time studies indicated that the response of the glomerular cells to high glucose occurs over an extended period (maximal at approximately 78 h) and, furthermore, that the stimulatory effect on type IV collagen production is only slowly reversed after restoration of the glucose to a normal level [9].
  • A time study indicated that allysine levels increased primarily after the bulk of Schiff base synthesis [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Time and Motion Studies

  • Multi-region time and motion studies were conducted in hospitals of various sizes to determine the cost of personnel and supplies associated with the preparation, dispensing, and administration of reconstituted parenteral antibiotics [11].
  • Transit time studies were performed using 10 radiopaque markers [12].
  • A split dose thallium imaging technique that allows imaging before and immediately after exercise, thus markedly reducing the study time, has been validated [13].
  • Significant reductions versus placebo in 120-min postprandial insulin levels, in LDL cholesterol, and in fasting triglycerides, were also seen in the miglitol group at individual study time points [14].
  • This approach results in a large reduction in total study time of nearly 2 hours for carbon-11-labeled tracers [15].

Biological context of Time and Motion Studies


Anatomical context of Time and Motion Studies


Gene context of Time and Motion Studies

  • Plasma cholecystokinin and neurotensin after an ordinary meal in humans. A prolonged time study [23].
  • Time studies with IFN-gamma and LPS/silica demonstrated that enhanced production was time dependent and that IL-1 beta was primarily cell associated [24].
  • In a time study, IGF-I or IGF-II stimulated DNA synthesis 3-fold in 24 h [25].
  • These clotting time studies suggested that much of the anticoagulant effect caused by injection of heparin depended on EPI [26].
  • In a time study experiment we found that P450C11 transformed the labeled-steroid into [14C]corticosterone, [14C]19-OH-deoxycorticosterone and [14C]18-OH-deoxycorticosterone in ratios of 1:1.11:0.07, after 2 h of incubation; no [14C]aldosterone could be detected [27].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Time and Motion Studies

  • Within the 12-month observation time study patients with pTa G2 and pT1 G2 tumors showed a recurrence rate of 33%, comparable to that in a local historical control group of patients with equal stage and grade who were treated with adjuvant BCG [28].
  • METHODS: Segmental and total colonic transit time studies measured by means of radiopaque markers were conducted in 56 HD patients, 63 CAPD patients, and 25 healthy control subjects [29].
  • In time studies, pretreatment with cysteamine in a dose of 300 mg/kg (s.c.) led to markedly decreased hypothalamic noradrenaline contents 4 hr, 8 hr and 12 hr after treatment [30].


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