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Disease relevance of Motivation


High impact information on Motivation

  • Factor analysis identified 8 scales: Cognitive Function, Motor Function, Personality and Behavior. Vocational Qualifications, Medical Condition, Vision, Hearing, and Economic Disincentives [2].
  • DISCUSSION: Action plans presented include: (1) creation of an Information and Data Clearinghouse on Disaster Management, (2) identification of incentives and disincentives for readiness and develop strategies and interventions, and (3) act on lessons learned from evidence-based research and practical experience [3].
  • Until more is learned about how to improve post-detoxification outcomes for methadone patients, treatment providers and regulatory/funding agencies should be very cautious about imposing disincentives and structural barriers that discourage or impede long-term opiate replacement therapy [4].
  • Current NHS accounting rules act as a disincentive to private income being generated in NHS hospitals, and consultants should be aware of this [5].
  • Income allowance policies of state Medicaid agencies as work incentives or disincentives for ICF/MR residents [6].


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