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Influence of monoclonal antiplatelet glycoprotein antibodies on in vitro human megakaryocyte colony formation and proplatelet formation.

The influence of antiplatelet glycoprotein (GP) antibodies on megakaryocytopoiesis in patients with idiopathic or immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) has been well studied. However, the influence of GP antibodies on proplatelet formation is poorly understood. Here we investigated whether in vitro human megakaryocyte colony formation and proplatelet formation are affected by various monoclonal antiplatelet GP antibodies (MoAb). The megakaryocyte colony formation inhibition assay was performed by methylcellulose culture with modifications, using peripheral blood nonadherent mononuclear cells. The proplatelet formation inhibition assay was performed by megakaryocytes derived from CD34(+) cells, stimulated with thrombopoietin + stem cell factor, which were then incubated with antiplatelet GP MoAb for 24 or 48 hours. Anti-GP-Ibalpha MoAb (CD42b; HIP1) slightly inhibited megakaryocyte colony formation (P < .05). and strongly inhibited proplatelet formation (after 24 hours incubation, P < .0002; after 48 hours incubation, P < .0007). Anti-GP-IIb MoAb (CD41; 5B12) inhibited only proplatelet formation (only after 24 hours incubation, P <. 03). Anti-integrin alphavbeta3 MoAb (CD51/CD61; 23C6) only slightly inhibited colony size (P < .05). However, anti-GP-IIIa MoAb (CD61; Y2/51) did not inhibit either colony formation or proplatelet formation. These results suggest that antiplatelet GP MoAbs have differing effects on in vitro megakaryocyte colony formation and proplatelet formation.[1]


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