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Analysis of the spermine synthase gene region in Fugu rubripes, Tetraodon fluviatilis, and Danio rerio.

A prerequisite to understanding the evolution of the human X chromosome is the analysis of synteny of X-linked genes in different species. We have focused on the spermine synthase gene in human Xp22. 1. We show that whereas the human gene spans a genomic region of 54 kb, the Fugu rubripes gene is encompassed in a 4.7-kb region. However, we could not find conserved synteny between this region of human Xp22 and the equivalent F. rubripes region. A cosmid clone containing the F. rubripes gene does not contain other X-linked genes. Instead we identified homologs of human genes that are autosomally localized: the ryanodine receptor type I (RYRI), which is implicated in malignant hyperthermia and central core disease, and the HE6 gene. Comparison of the F. rubripes, Tetraodon fluviatilis, mouse, human, and Danio rerio 5'UTRs of spermine synthase highlights conserved sequences potentially involved in regulation. Interestingly, pseudogenes of this gene that are present in the human and mouse genomes seem to be absent in the compact F. rubripes genome. Analysis of a D. rerio PAC clone containing spermine synthase shows an intermediate genomic size in this fish. Sequence analysis of this PAC clone did not reveal other known genes: neither the RYRI gene, nor the HE6 gene, nor other human Xp22 genes were identified.[1]


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