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Regulation of the megakaryocytic glycoprotein IX promoter by the oncogenic Ets transcription factor Fli-1.

Glycoprotein (GP) IX is a subunit of the von Willebrand receptor, GPIb-V-IX, which mediates adhesion of platelets to the subendothelium of damaged blood vessels. Previous characterization of the GPIX promoter identified a functional Ets site that, when disrupted, reduced promoter activity. However, the Ets protein(s) that regulated GPIX promoter expression was unknown. In this study, transient cotransfection of several GPIX promoter/reporter constructs into 293T kidney fibroblasts with a Fli-1 expression vector shows that the oncogenic protein Fli-1 can transactivate the GPIX promoter when an intact GPIX Ets site is present. In addition, Fli-1 binding of the GPIX Ets site was identified in antibody supershift experiments in nuclear extracts derived from hematopoietic human erythroleukemia cells. Comparative studies showed that Fli-1 was also able to transactivate the GPIbalpha and, to a lesser extent, the GPIIb promoter. Immunoblot analysis identified Fli-1 protein in lysates derived from platelets. In addition, expression of Fli-1 was identified immunohistochemically in megakaryocytes derived from CD34(+) cells treated with the megakaryocyte differentiation and proliferation factor, thrombopoietin. These results suggest that Fli-1 is likely to regulate lineage-specific genes during megakaryocytopoiesis.[1]


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