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Signaling through the lymphotoxin-beta receptor stimulates HIV-1 replication alone and in cooperation with soluble or membrane- bound TNF-alpha.

The level of ongoing HIV-1 replication within an individual is critical to HIV-1 pathogenesis. Among host immune factors, the cytokine TNF-alpha has previously been shown to increase HIV-1 replication in various monocyte and T cell model systems. Here, we demonstrate that signaling through the TNF receptor family member, the lymphotoxin-beta (LT-beta) receptor (LT-betaR), also regulates HIV-1 replication. Furthermore, HIV-1 replication is cooperatively stimulated when the distinct LT-betaR and TNF receptor systems are simultaneously engaged by their specific ligands. Moreover, in a physiological coculture cellular assay system, we show that membrane-bound TNF-alpha and LT-alpha1beta2 act virtually identically to their soluble forms in the regulation of HIV-1 replication. Thus, cosignaling via the LT-beta and TNF-alpha receptors is probably involved in the modulation of HIV-1 replication and the subsequent determination of HIV-1 viral burden in monocytes. Intriguingly, surface expression of LT-alpha1beta2 is up-regulated on a T cell line acutely infected with HIV-1, suggesting a positive feedback loop between HIV-1 infection, LT-alpha1beta2 expression, and HIV-1 replication. Given the critical role that LT-alpha1beta2 plays in lymphoid architecture, we speculate that LT-alpha1beta2 may be involved in HIV-associated abnormalities of the lymphoid organs.[1]


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