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Surgical gloves: current problems.

One century ago surgical gloves were introduced to practice as part of the new antiseptic technique and originally to protect the hands of the surgeon and his assistants from the harmful dermatologic effects of powerful antiseptics (e.g., carbolic acid) in use at that time. Since then, the wearing of gloves during surgery has been standard practice. Furthermore, the protection value of surgical gloves in preventing cross-infection has stood the test of time. Nevertheless, materials used in glove manufacturing have caused a succession of iatrogenic problems in surgical patients over the years. More recently, emergence of transmissible viruses, such as hepatitis B and C and human immunodeficiency virus, has led surgeons to consider their own safety with the frequent possibility of perforation of surgical gloves by sharp instruments. In this review we discuss the problems associated with surgical glove practice: glove powder-induced peritonitis and adhesions, latex rubber-associated hypersensitivity, and glove perforation.[1]


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