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Medical students' knowledge, attitudes, skills, and practices of cancer prevention and detection.

BACKGROUND: Surveys of U.S. physicians show deficiencies in cancer detection and counseling skills. Thus, there is a compelling need to provide skills teaching during medical school for cancers with preventable mortality and for counseling techniques for smoking prevention and cessation. METHODS: In advance of the integration of initiatives for cancer education into the medical school curriculum, the authors conducted a baseline survey of students' knowledge, attitudes, skills, practices, observation, and training (KASPOT) related to cancer education. Eighty-one percent of Boston University School of Medicine students (n = 499) completed surveys. RESULTS: The students reported higher levels of KASPOT for breast and cervical cancers, compared with skin cancer examination or tobacco use cessation or prevention counseling. More than half of third- and fourth-year students reported that too little emphasis was given to cancer control education. CONCLUSIONS: It appears that students' practice and skills for detection of the most common cancer (skin cancer), and for cancers with the greatest mortality (tobacco-related cancers) are deficient. Revisions in medical students' curricula should seek to address these shortcomings.[1]


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