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Characterization of alpha1-adrenoceptor subtypes mediating noradrenaline-induced contraction of rat epididymal vas deferens in calcium-free medium.

The alpha1-adrenoceptor subtype mediating noradrenaline (NA)-induced contractions of rat epididymal vas deferens in Ca2+-free/EGTA (1 mM) medium was studied using competitive antagonists. The effects of chloroethylclonidine (CEC) was investigated in Ca2+-free and normal Krebs' medium and RT-PCR was used to identify alpha1-adrenoceptor specific mRNA in epididymal vas deferens. In Ca2+-free medium, NA evoked sustained contractions but was less potent (pD2, 5.9) than in normal Krebs' medium (pD2, 7.3). The contractions in Ca2+-free medium were inhibited by prazosin (pA2, 9.3), 5-methylurapidil (pA2, 8.4), spiperone (pA2, 7.6) and BMY 7378 (pK(B), 6.8) consistent with activation of alpha1A-subtype. Repeated pretreatment with CEC (100 microM) reduced the potency of NA and maximum contractions in normal and Ca2+-free media. CEC-sensitivity in normal Krebs' medium was enhanced by prior treatment with phenoxybenzamine. mRNA for alpha1a- and alpha1d- but not alpha1b-adrenoceptors were detected in epididymal vas deferens. These results suggest that NA contracts the tissue in Ca2+-free medium by the stimulation of alpha1A-adrenoceptors. Two factors affecting CEC-sensitivity of NA-induced contractions in this tissue are discussed.[1]


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