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Chemical Compound Review

Lopac-B-003     N-[2,6-dichloro-4-[(2- chloroethyl-methyl...

Synonyms: CHEMBL326967, SureCN4107963, CCG-204290, Lopac0_000195, AC1L2XTB, ...
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Disease relevance of Chlorethylclonidine


Psychiatry related information on Chlorethylclonidine


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Chemical compound and disease context of Chlorethylclonidine

  • In the non-PC groups, those with CEC (3 mg/kg, n = 7), 5-MU (3 mg/kg, n = 7), BN (0.3 mg/kg, n = 7), POB (4 mg/kg, n = 7), or placebo saline (n = 10) were pretreated before 30-min sustained ischemia [10].

Biological context of Chlorethylclonidine


Anatomical context of Chlorethylclonidine

  • Selective inactivation of alpha 1b receptors by chloroethylclonidine almost completely blocked the effects of norepinephrine in hepatocytes [15].
  • Preincubation of the membranes with chlorethylclonidine did not alter significantly the binding parameters for 5-[3H]methylurapidil [16].
  • Although other alkylating agents inactivated all of the alpha 1-adrenergic receptor-binding sites labeled with 125IBE 2254 in membrane preparations of cerebral cortex, chlorethylclonidine (CEC) potently and selectively inactivated only half of these sites [17].
  • To identify the responsible alpha1-AR subtype, we first documented the selectivity of two alpha1-AR subtype antagonists, BMY 7378 (alpha1D-AR antagonist) and chloroethylclonidine (CEC; alpha1B-AR antagonist), using Rat-1 fibroblasts stably transfected with the three different rodent alpha1-AR cDNAs [18].
  • Treatment of intact transfected COS-7 cells with chlorethylclonidine resulted in the inactivation of 19% of the alpha 1c-ARs, in contrast to 72% and 85% inactivation of the alpha 1a/d- and alpha 1b-ARs, respectively [19].

Associations of Chlorethylclonidine with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Chlorethylclonidine


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Chlorethylclonidine


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