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The treatment of Pseudomonas keratoscleritis after pterygium excision.

PURPOSE: To assess the effect of intensive topical and intravenous antibiotics plus oral prednisolone and surgical debridement in Pseudomonas keratoscleritis after pterygium excision. METHODS: We describe three cases of P. aeruginosa-induced keratoscleritis occurring 10 days to 18 months after uncomplicated pterygium excision. Treatment included early conjunctival debridement, topical and intravenous antibiotics, and low-dosage oral prednisolone. RESULTS: All three patients responded to the combined therapy. Microorganisms were eliminated, and ulcers were healed within 8 weeks. Treatment was not extended beyond that, and infection did not recur. No evisceration was required. The patients' best corrected visual acuities are 20/200, 20/400, and 20/120, respectively. CONCLUSION: Early diagnosis and prompt, intensive medical and surgical treatment may save a patient's vision and forestall evisceration.[1]


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