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A rare case of extramedullary spinal cord germinoma.

A rare case of spinal cord germinoma in a 20-year-old Japanese female is presented. The tumor was detected at the level of T11 and L3 by myelography. Histological findings of the resected tumor were identical to germinoma, which is characterized by polygonal tumor cells, lymphocytic infiltrate, and granuloma. Tumor cells and lymphocytes reacted with antibodies for placental alkaline phosphatase and CD45, respectively. A few multinucleated giant cells, negative immunohistochemically for human chorionic gonadotropin were also seen. The present case is the 10th case of spinal cord germinoma and is thought to be the first case of such a tumor located extramedullary. Diagnosis of such a rare tumor in an unusual location needs proper histological, ultrastructural and immunohistochemical evaluation.[1]


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