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Epidural Bilharzioma mansoni compressing the spinal cord: case report.

A case of an epidural Bilharzioma mansoni (epidural granuloma due to Schistosoma mansoni) compressing the spinal cord at T11-T12 is presented. The patient, a 20-year old African man, started complaining of recurrent back pain since 1993 and became paraparetic in 1996. The myelography showed a complete block at T12 and the CT scan showed a mass at T11-T12 compressing the spinal cord. Through a bilateral laminectomy of T 10, T11 and T12, the bilharzioma was completely removed. The histopathology and the laboratory tests confirmed the diagnosis of granuloma due to Schistosoma mansoni. The patient recovered completely and was seen last time more than one year after surgery. Not a similar case has been found in the literature and the authors presume that this is the first case ever successfully treated by surgery and chemotherapy and reported in the world literature.[1]


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