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The damage-inducible (din) genes of Escherichia coli are induced by various genotoxins in a different way.

The SOS response of Escherichia coli strains carrying the lacZ gene fused to the polB (dinA), dinB or dinD gene were investigated after treatment with several chemical agents and gamma-radiation. The induction levels of polB::lacZ reached levels between 4.0- and 9.0-fold 120 min after treatment with nalidixic acid, H2O2 or ethanol. Pentachlorophenol did not significantly induce any din genes. gamma-Irradiation is not an inducer of polB and ethanol failed to induce dinB::lacZ and dinD::lacZ. Following irradiation with a dose of 10 Gy the responses of dinB and dinD were induced about 2.5-3.0-fold above non-irradiated dinB and dinD. We found that the responses of din::lacZ fusion genes to these genotoxins are induced in a dose-dependent manner. The polB gene showed antagonistic responses to the simultaneous treatment of nalidixic acid and H2O2 or nalidixic acid and ethanol. In addition, dinB and dinD in the presence of both nalidixic acid and H2O2 at the same time showed no synergistic responses.[1]


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