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Effect of glutathione L-cystein and L-djenkolic acid in the synthesis and mutagenicity of azide metabolite in Bacillus subtilis ATCC 6633 strain.

The Bacillus subtilis ATCC 6633 strain synthesizes a mutagenic metabolite from sodium azide and O-acetylserine. Mutagenicity of azide was decreased in growth media containing 10(-4) M glutathione, L-cysteine or L-djenkolic acid whereas dithiothritol (DTT) added at the same concentration did not reduce the mutagenicity of azide. Likewise, glutathione, L-cysteine, L-djenkolic acid, and DTT were found to have no effect in reducing the mutagenicity of the in vitro produced metabolite using bacterial cell-free extract. These results suggest that O-acetyl-serine sulfhydrylase catalyzes the reaction of azide and O-acetylserine to form a mutagenic metabolite, which is ninhydrin positive and migrates in TLC to an Rf value similar to that of azidoalanine in both acidic and basic solvent systems.[1]


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