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Chemical Compound Review

Azidoalanine     2-amino-3-azido-propanoic acid

Synonyms: D-Azidoalanine, L-Azidoalanine, CCRIS 1789, CCRIS 1790, CCRIS 1792, ...
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Disease relevance of CCRIS 1789


High impact information on CCRIS 1789


Biological context of CCRIS 1789


Associations of CCRIS 1789 with other chemical compounds

  • The in vitro synthesized sodium azide mutagenic metabolite (azidoalanine) produced single-strand breaks and proteinase K-sensitive sites in isolated, germinating barley embryos [8].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of CCRIS 1789

  • The levels of mutagenic metabolite of azide (presumably azidoalanine), were determined by bioassay in the two azide-treated maize callus types and compared to levels of mutagenic metabolite in embryos isolated from azide-treated kernels [9].


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