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Influence of wine structurally different polysaccharides on the volatility of aroma substances in a model system.

The influence of native polysaccharides on wine organoleptic quality has not been yet clarified. Hence, the effect of purified fractions of arabinogalactan-proteins (AGPs), monomeric and dimeric rhamnogalacturonans II (mRG-II and dRG-II), and mannoproteins (MPs) on the volatility of various aroma substances was examined using the exponential dilution technique. The volatility of isoamyl acetate and ethyl hexanoate in a model wine system was not affected upon addition of wine polysaccharides in the range 5-20 g/L. At higher levels, the two esters were significantly retained in solution in the presence of the protein-rich polysaccharides MP0 and AGP0 and weakly salted out in the presence of the uronic acid-rich fractions AGP4, mRG-II, and dRG-II. In addition, the volatility increase caused by dRG-II on the esters was reversed when water was used as the solvent. 1-Hexanol exhibited retention in water with four fractions in the strength order AGP0 > dRG-II > mRG-II > AGP4 but was strongly salted out in the presence of fraction MP0. Furthermore, the diacetyl activity in water was overall not modified increasing only at high concentrations of AGP4. Reference polysaccharides dextrin and dextran were used for binding strength comparison.[1]


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