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Familial scapuloperoneal myopathy and mitochondrial DNA defect.

The authors present 13 members of 4 generations in a family with scapuloperoneal myopathy. The disease showed autosomal dominant inheritance. In all 6 patients examined, the disease began in the third decade (18-31 years). Initially the shoulder girdle was involved, and the process slowly spread to the distal part of the lower extremities in several years or decades. The facial and pelvic muscles were only moderately involved; ocular muscle involvement was absent. Myopathy was proved by electromyography and muscle biopsy. In 1 case, electrophysiological evidence of peripheral neuropathy was found, and in 3 other patients central nervous system involvement (dementia, epilepsy) and optic atrophy complicated the syndrome. In the youngest patient, a mutation could be found in the 'hot-spot region' of the muscle mitochondrial DNA by polymerase chain reaction.[1]


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