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Methods to maximize retention in weight loss studies.

OBJECTIVE: Dropouts from clinical trials decrease quality and increase costs. Free participation, paid participation, and contingency contracting are three study retention methods. Contingency contracting, or depositing a fee to be refunded contingent upon attendance in a clinical trial, has been reported to decrease dropouts without affecting weight loss. These three methods of retention were compared with a commercial weight loss clinic's practice of charging nonrefundable fees. METHODS AND PROCEDURES: Dropouts were compared in two studies testing mazindol, with one study using free care and the other using contingency contracting; two studies testing phenylpropanolamine, one using free care and the other using contingency contracting; and in studies with phenylpropanolamine on file with Thompson Medical Company using free care, paid participation, and contingency contracting. RESULTS: The dropout rate was 50% at 8 weeks in a trial of mazindol with free care vs. 7% for contingency contracting (p<0.001). The two phenylpropanolamine studies gave the same weight losses, but the dropouts were 37% at 8 weeks for free care vs. 11% for contingency contracting (p<0.001). The studies of phenylpropanolamine on file at the Thompson Medical Company had 28% dropouts at 8 weeks using free care vs. 19% for paid participation (p<0.001), and 11% for contingency contracting (p<0.005). Dropouts with contingency contracting (11%) were not different from the commercial weight loss program (13%). DISCUSSION: Contingency contracting can decrease dropouts, improve quality, and decrease costs without affecting weight loss in clinical trials for obesity.[1]


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