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Expression of glucosamine trisaccharides on the rat uterine surface is altered by clomiphene citrate.

We have studied histochemically the effects of clomiphene citrate on the expression of oligosacchrides on the apical plasma membrane of uterine epithelial cells using the lectin Phytolacca americana. Ovariectomized sexually mature rats were given a single injection of either clomiphene in two concentrations or estradiol 17 beta or progesterone and were killed 24 hr later. Uterine tissue was labeled with Phytolacca americana conjugated with avidin and subsequently labeled with biotinalyted ferritin and prepared for transmission electron microscopy. Our results indicate that clomiphene and to a lesser degree progesterone significantly increased lectin binding. However, the increase was not as large as that observed with a single dose of estrodiol 17 beta. When the proportion of lectin positivity in relation to total membrane length was analyzed, treatment with clomiphene and progesterone did not have significantly different effects. Low dose clomiphene did not have a significant effect as compared with controls. Our data show that clomiphene has a dose-dependent adverse effect on lectin binding as compared with ovarian hormones. We suggest that these effects contribute to low pregnancy rates with clomiphene use.[1]


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