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Coding sequence, chromosomal localization, and expression pattern of Nrf1: the mouse homolog of Drosophila erect wing.

In Drosophila, the erect wing ( ewg) protein is required for proper development of the central nervous system and the indirect flight muscles. The fly ewg gene encodes a novel DNA-binding domain that is also found in four genes previously identified in sea urchin, chicken, zebrafish, and human. To identify mouse ewg homologs, we designed degenerate primers to the conserved DNA-binding domain. The RT-PCR product obtained from mRNA of the mouse muscle cell line C2C12 was used to screen cDNA libraries; a single gene was identified which encodes a predicted 503 amino acid protein. The mouse ewg homolog, termed Nrf1, was mapped to proximal Chr 6. By RT-PCR and Northern analysis, Nrf1 was expressed in all tissues examined, and Northern analysis on adult tissues revealed a complex banding pattern suggesting extensive alternative splicing. Nrf1 hybridized to mRNA transcripts at approximately 2.2 kb, 4.0 kb, 4.4 kb, and 5.0 kb, with additional tissue-specific transcripts at 1.5 kb in testis, 1.9 kb in lung, and 3.7 kb in skeletal muscle. In situ hybridization on whole-mount E9-10.5 embryos showed a broad pattern of expression, with the highest levels of expression in the central nervous system, somites, first branchial arch, optic vesicle, and otic vesicle.[1]


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