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Effects of transvenous regional guanethidine block in the treatment of critical finger ischemia.

The objective of this study was to determine the effects of transvenous regional guanethidine block in the treatment of patients with critical finger ischemia. Twenty-seven patients (17 collagen vascular disease, four thromboangiitis obliterans, three embolism, three atherothrombosis) presenting with ischemic rest pain and/or ulcerations of the fingers received a single block with 5 mg guanethidine injected in 60 mL into the clinically more affected hand under 30 minutes of arterial arrest. Marked hyperemia was induced in the treated upper limb, increases (p < 0.01) in finger blood flow, finger skin temperature, and laser Doppler flux were higher and longer lasting than in forearm blood flow, persisting for a whole month. Effects in patients with ischemic finger ulcers were less pronounced than in those without, yet statistically significant increases of all evaluated parameters were observed in these patients too. No effects were seen in the contralateral untreated upper limb or in systemic blood pressure. Subjective symptoms (reduction of rest pain, numbness, vasospastic attacks) were improved in 25/27 (92.6%) patients, ischemic rest pain disappeared in 20/27 (74.1%), and complete healing of finger tip ulcerations within 1 month was achieved in 10/12 (83.3%) affected patients. No side effects were observed. This described method combines good clinical efficacy with lack of undesirable side effects and can be repeated easily. Therefore, this technique is recommended for broader clinical use.[1]


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