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The prevalence of crowding, attrition, midline discrepancies and premature tooth loss in the primary dentition of children in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The aim of the present study is to evaluate the prevalence of crowding, attrition, midline discrepancies and premature loss of primary molars in primary dentition of children resident in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Five hundred and two (502) children aged 4-6 years old residing in the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia provide the data for the analysis. Crowding was found in 14.7% of the subjects crowding in the maxilla occurred in 27 (5.4%) of the children, and 67 (13.4%) in the mandible. Simultaneous crowding in maxilla and mandible was present in 20 (3.98%) of the subject. The prevalence of crowding was significantly higher in the mandible than the maxilla (P > 0.01) and higher in male (P < 0.05). Midline shift was present in 10% of the children with females showing a significantly higher prevalence than the males (P < 0.001). Attrition was present in 167 (33.3%) of the children. One hundred and sixty children (31.9%) had attrition in enamel, and only 7(1.4%) had attrition, which exposed the dentin. Thirty-one (6.2%) out of 502 children had 51 (0.5%) missing teeth out of total number of 10,040 teeth. Tooth #84 was most commonly lost tooth (P < .025). Overall premature loss of 1st primary molars was found to be significantly higher than 2nd primary molars (P < .001).[1]


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