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Tooth Loss

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Disease relevance of Tooth Loss


Psychiatry related information on Tooth Loss

  • This study suggested that the decrease of masticatory function caused by tooth loss leads to a decrease of ACh synthesis resulting in a learning memory disorder [6].

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Chemical compound and disease context of Tooth Loss


Biological context of Tooth Loss


Anatomical context of Tooth Loss


Gene context of Tooth Loss

  • CONCLUSIONS: The ApaI polymorphism of the VDR gene is associated with oral bone loss, clinical attachment loss, and tooth loss in older men [20].
  • Regarding pocket probing depth and tooth loss, there were no significant differences related to IL-1 genotype [21].
  • A positive IL-1 genotype increased the risk of tooth loss by 2.7 times, and heavy smoking by 2.9 times [22].
  • The HSG patients experienced some tooth loss and also lost significant amounts of bone and attachment during the 12 years of SPT [23].
  • The best association between AMI status and study variables was the combination of > or = 4 mm of bone loss > or = 50%, proportion of bleeding on probing (%BOP), %PPDs > or = 6 mm, and tooth loss (Nagelkirke r2 = 0.46) [24].


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