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Diffusion-weighted MRI of infarct growth in a rat photochemical stroke model: effect of lubeluzole.

We studied the neuroprotective effect of lubeluzole, a NOS (nitric oxide synthase) pathway modulator, on the development of ischemic damage within the first six hours after a photochemically induced neocortical infarct in rats using diffusion-weighted MRI and Apparent Diffusion Coefficient (ADC) maps. A unilateral photochemical infarct was induced in the hindlimb sensorimotor neocortex of Wistar rats. One hour after infarction, rats received either vehicle (n=10) or lubeluzole (n=11; a 0.31 mg/kg i.v. bolus followed by a one-hour 0.31 mg/kg i.v. infusion). During the first six hours after infarct induction, multislice T2- and Diffusion-Weighted magnetic resonance images (MRI) were obtained to measure percent change of volume of ischemic damage, whereas regional ADC maps were used to measure time-dependent density of ischemic damage. Lubeluzole reduced the percent increase of volume of ischemic damage relative to baseline (at 1 h after infarct induction just before drug treatment), by 18% at 5 and 6 hrs after infarct induction. Lubeluzole attenuated the ADC decreases in the peripheral rim of the infarct, but left the ADC values in the core unaffected. In conclusion, the neuroprotectant lubeluzole attenuates growth of ischemic damage as well as its density in the periphery of a photochemically induced neocortical infarct in rats.[1]


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