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The B cell receptor, but not the pre-B cell receptor, mediates arrest of B cell differentiation.

B cell development in organ cultures of fetal liver from mice at day 14 of gestation resembles in kinetics and cell numbers generated the one observed in vivo. This development in vitro can be blocked by an IL-7 receptor-specific monoclonal antibody. Monoclonal antibodies specific for the pre-B cell receptor, i. e. for VpreB, lambda5, or muH chains, do not perturb B cell development in these organ cultures up to and including the CD25+ small pre-BII cell stage. However, muH chain-specific antibodies inhibit the appearance of the subsequent surface IgM+ immature B cells. In organ cultures of muH chain allotype heterozygous (muHa x muHb)F1 fetal livers a dose-dependent inhibition by allotype-specific monoclonal antibodies of sIgM+ immature B cells expressing the corresponding, but not the other, allotype was observed. By combining cell sorting with limiting dilution analysis of lipopolysaccharide-reactive cells, the probable target cell of this muH chain-specific inhibition was identified as an IgM+, CD23-immature B cell. Hence, engagement of the pre-B cell receptor by specific antibodies does not influence B cell development, while engagement of the B cell receptor on immature B cells does.[1]


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