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The Arabidopsis floral homeotic gene PISTILLATA is regulated by discrete cis-elements responsive to induction and maintenance signals.

PISTILLATA is a B-class floral organ identity gene required for the normal development of petals and stamens in Arabidopsis. PISTILLATA expression is induced in the stage 3 flowers (early expression) and is maintained until anthesis (late expression). To explore in more detail the developmentally regulated gene expression of PISTILLATA, we have analyzed the PISTILLATA promoter using uidA (beta)-glucuronidase gene) fusion constructs (PI::GUS) in transgenic Arabidopsis. Promoter deletion analyses suggest that early PISTILLATA expression is mediated by the distal region and that late expression is mediated by the proximal region. Based on the PI::GUS expression patterns in the loss- and gain-of-function alleles of meristem or organ identity genes, we have shown that LEAFY and UNUSUAL FLORAL ORGANS induce PISTILLATA expression in a flower-independent manner via a distal promoter, and that PISTILLATA and APETALA3 maintain PISTILLATA expression (autoregulation) in the later stages of flower development via a proximal promoter. In addition, we have demonstrated that de novo protein synthesis is required for the PISTILLATA autoregulatory circuit.[1]


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