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SCAMP1 function in endocytosis.

Secretory carrier membrane proteins (SCAMPs) are ubiquitous components of recycling vesicles that shuttle between the plasma membrane, endosomes, and the trans-Golgi complex. SCAMPs contain multiple N-terminal NPF repeats and four highly conserved transmembrane regions. NPF repeats often interact with EH domain proteins that function in budding of transport vesicles from the plasma membrane or the Golgi complex. We now show that the NPF repeats of SCAMP1 bind to two EH domain proteins, intersectin 1, which is involved in endocytic budding at the plasma membrane, and gamma-synergin, which may mediate the budding of vesicles in the trans-Golgi complex. Expression of SCAMP1 lacking the N-terminal NPF repeats potently inhibited transferrin uptake by endocytosis. Our data suggest that one of the functions of SCAMPs is to participate in endocytosis via a mechanism which may involve the recruitment of clathrin coats to the plasma membrane and the trans-Golgi network.[1]


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