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Transport Vesicles

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Biological context of Transport Vesicles

  • The Rab family of low-molecular-mass GTP-binding proteins are thought to guide membrane fusion between a transport vesicle and the target membrane, and to determine the specificity of docking [13].
  • Inhibition was greater than or equal to 90% when the added cdc2 activity was in the range estimated for that in mitotic Xenopus eggs, which indicates that during mitosis the cdc2 kinase mediates an inhibition of endocytic vesicle fusion, and possibly other fusion events in membrane traffic [14].
  • All vesicle transport steps also have an essential requirement for a member of the Sec1 protein family, including the neuronal Munc18-1 (also known as nSec1) in regulated exocytosis [15].
  • Members of the kinesin superfamily of motor proteins are essential for mitotic and meiotic spindle organization, chromosome segregation, organelle and vesicle transport, and many other processes that require microtubule-based transport [16].
  • The Cdc42 GTPase binds to numerous effector proteins that control cell polarity, cytoskeletal remodelling and vesicle transport [17].

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  • Interestingly, while the earliest steps in stack formation share some similarities with events catalyzing fusion of transport vesicles to its target membrane, neither GTP gamma S nor Rab-GDI, inhibitors of vesicular protein traffic, inhibit stack formation [23].
  • Role of an N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive transport component in promoting fusion of transport vesicles with cisternae of the Golgi stack [24].
  • To measure chloride transport, endocytic vesicles were labelled in vivo with a Cl(-)-sensitive fluorescent indicator6-8 [25].
  • SEC12 encodes a guanine-nucleotide-exchange factor essential for transport vesicle budding from the ER [26].
  • The effects of AMP-PNP on the vesicle transport system indicate that the enzymatic machinery of this system differs significantly from that of the actomyosin system or the dynein-microtubule system [27].

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