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Influence of HMG-1 and adenovirus oncoprotein E1A on early stages of transcriptional preinitiation complex assembly.

The TATA-binding protein (TBP) in the TFIID complex binds specifically to the TATA-box to initiate the stepwise assembly of the preinitiation complex (PIC) for RNA polymerase II transcription. Transcriptional activators and repressors compete with general transcription factors at each step to influence the course of the assembly. To investigate this process, the TBP.TATA complex was titrated with HMG-1 and the interaction monitored by electrophoretic mobility shift assays. The titration produced a ternary HMG-1.TBP. TATA complex, which exhibits increased mobility relative to the TBP. TATA complex. The addition of increasing levels of TFIIB to this complex results in the formation of the TFIIB.TBP.TATA complex. However, in the reverse titration, with very high mole ratios of HMG-1 present, TFIIB is not dissociated off and a complex is formed that contains all factors. The simultaneous addition of E1A to a mixture of TBP and TATA; or HMG-1, TBP, and TATA; or TFIIB, TBP, and TATA inhibits complex formation. On the other hand, E1A added to the pre-established complexes shows a significantly reduced capability to disrupt the complex. In add-back experiments with all complexes, increased levels of TBP re-established the complexes, indicating that the primary target for E1A in all complexes is TBP.[1]


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