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Expression of mineralocorticoid and glucocorticoid receptor mRNA in the human hippocampus.

The genomic effects of corticosteroids in the brain are mediated through two receptors with a high affinity for cortisol: the glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid receptor (GR/MR). We used competitive reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction to quantify the amount of MR and GR mRNA in hippocampal tissue obtained from patients with temporal lobe epilepsy. MR and GR mRNA were expressed at approximately the same levels as in tissues known for high glucocorticoid/mineralocorticoid sensitivity, i.e. liver or kidney. MR mRNA concentrations were significantly higher in the hippocampus of women (0.24+/-0.04 aU, arbitrary units; mean+/-SEM) than in men (0.14+/-0.01 aU, P<0.006) or children (0.09+/-0.02, P<0. 007). No such differences were observed for GR mRNA expression.[1]


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