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Pharmacology of cizolirtine: a new analgesic agent.

Cizolirtine citrate (E-4018) is a new analgesic agent with antinociceptive activity against phenylquinone (ED50 33.7 mg/kg) and acetic acid (ED50 24.4 mg/kg) in mice, against acetic acid in rats (ED50 21.3 mg/kg) and in the plantar test (ED50 26.8 mg/kg). It demonstrated antinociceptive activity in the tail-pinch and tail-flick tests (ED50s of 68.0 and 46.0 mg/kg, respectively), in both phases of the formalin test (ED50 13.8 and 2.31 mg/kg), and in the capsaicin test (ED50 7.14 mg/kg). Cizolirtine does not inhibit prostaglandin biosynthesis, it is not a ligand for opioid receptors, it does not have antiinflammatory or ulcerogenic activity, it has some antipyretic activity and shows no affinity for alpha 2-adrenergic receptors, but its analgesic effect was modified by idazoxan and by desipramine. Recent studies have shown that the analgesic effect of cizolirtine could be related, at least partially, to an inhibition of spinal substance P release.[1]


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