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The Raf-1 kinase associates with vimentin kinases and regulates the structure of vimentin filaments.

Using immobilized GST-Raf-1 as bait, we have isolated the intermediate filament protein vimentin as a Raf-1-associated protein. Vimentin coimmunoprecipitated and colocalized with Raf-1 in fibroblasts. Vimentin was not a Raf-1 substrate, but was phosphorylated by Raf-1- associated vimentin kinases. We provide evidence for at least two Raf-1- associated vimentin kinases and identified one as casein kinase 2. They are regulated by Raf-1, since the activation status of Raf-1 correlated with the phosphorylation of vimentin. Vimentin phosphorylation by Raf-1 preparations interfered with its polymerization in vitro. A subset of tryptic vimentin phosphopeptides induced by Raf-1 in vitro matched the vimentin phosphopeptides isolated from v-raf-transfected cells labeled with orthophosphoric acid, indicating that Raf-1 also induces vimentin phosphorylation in intact cells. In NIH 3T3 fibroblasts, the selective activation of an estrogen-regulated Raf-1 mutant induced a rearrangement and depolymerization of the reticular vimentin scaffold similar to the changes elicited by serum treatment. The rearrangement of the vimentin network occurred independently of the MEK/ ERK pathway. These data identify a new branch point in Raf-1 signaling, which links Raf-1 to changes in the cytoskeletal architecture.[1]


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