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Human homologues of yeast vacuolar protein sorting 29 and 35.

In the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a membrane coat complex is required for endosome to Golgi retrograde transport. The vacuolar protein sorting proteins Vps29p, Vps35p, and Vps26p are required for pre-vacuolar/late endosome to Golgi retrieval of the vacuolar hydrolase receptor Vps10p. They form a cargo recognition and concentration subcomplex, termed the inner shell of the retromer coat, prior to vesicle formation by the addition of the membrane-deforming outer shell. We have cloned the human and murine homologues of yeast Vps29p and the human homologue of Vps35p. They encode 182 and 796 residue proteins, with 43 and 29% identity to their respective yeast. The 10.5 kb, 5 exon, VPS29 gene is located on chromosome 12q24 and the 29.6 kb, 17 exon, VPS35 gene is on chromosome 16. In humans, Vps29p, Vps35p, and Hbeta58, the homologue of Vps26p, may form an inner shell of the retromer coat similar to that found in yeast.[1]


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