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Gene Review

PEP8  -  retromer subunit PEP8

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: Carboxypeptidase Y-deficient protein 8, GRD6, J1152, VPS26, VPT4, ...
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High impact information on PEP8

  • The gene, PEP8, plays a role in the delivery of proteins to the vacuole [1].
  • Immuno-gold electron microscopy indicated that the Pep8p localized to vacuolar membranes [1].
  • Expression of pep8 in human cells retards their progression through the G1 phase of the cell cycle [2].
  • Human orthologs of yeast vacuolar protein sorting proteins Vps26, 29, and 35: assembly into multimeric complexes [3].
  • A bioinformatic analysis of the mouse genome identified an additional transcribed paralog of the Vps26 retromer protein, which we termed Vps26B [4].

Associations of PEP8 with chemical compounds

  • Hydrophobic residues and a glycine in this loop are required for integration into the retromer complex and endosomal localization of human Vps26, and for the function of yeast Vps26 in carboxypeptidase Y sorting [5].

Other interactions of PEP8

  • These results indicate that the vps26(+), vps29(+) and vps35(+) gene products are required for retrograde transport of SpVps10p from the prevacuolar compartment back to the Golgi in Sch. pombe cells [6].


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