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Protein-tyrosine kinase Syk expressed in human nasal fibroblasts and its effect on RANTES production.

Fibroblasts, a rich source of chemokines, interact with eosinophils and play a key role in the pathogenesis of airway disease. RANTES is produced by fibroblasts to attract and activate eosinophils. LPS is known to induce RANTES and cause protein tyrosine phosphorylation. Nonreceptor protein tyrosine kinase Syk is widely expressed and an important role in intracellular signal transduction in hemopoietic cells. In the present study, we examined whether Syk was expressed in a number of primary human nasal polyp tissue-derived fibroblast lines and whether it played some role in cellular function. Syk proteins were expressed in human nasal fibroblasts, but the expression level varied. There were positive correlations between the level of Syk expression and RANTES production induced by LPS. Overexpression of wild-type Syk by gene transfer enhanced RANTES production from nasal fibroblasts stimulated with LPS. The decrease of Syk expression by the administration of Syk antisense inhibited RANTES production. These results suggest that Syk expression affects RANTES production in fibroblasts of nasal polyps.[1]


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