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Induction of granulin precursor gene expression by estrogen treatment in neonatal rat hypothalamus.

Our previous research has demonstrated that androgen treatment during the perinatal period increases granulin ( grn) precursor mRNA levels in the neonatal rat hypothalamus. To elucidate whether exogenous estrogen increases grn mRNA in the neonatal hypothalami, expression of grn gene in the neonatal hypothalamus was studied by the competitive reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction method. At 6 and 10 days of age, grn gene expression was significantly increased in the hypothalamus of pups whose dam has been dietarily administrated ethinyl estradiol from day 15 of gestation to the day of sampling. The subcutaneous injection of estradiol benzoate to neonatal rats at 2 days of age significantly increased grn gene expression on day 10. It was shown that estrogen, as well as androgen, was able to induce grn gene expression in the neonatal hypothalamus.[1]


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