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Influenza virus and rhinovirus-related otitis media: potential for antiviral intervention.

Adults frequently develop eustachian tube dysfunction and middle ear pressure (MEP) abnormalities during natural and experimental influenza and human rhinovirus (HRV) infections. Oral rimantadine treatment did not reduce the otologic manifestations of experimental influenza in adults or natural influenza in children. However, intranasal zanamivir and oral oseltamivir significantly reduced MEP abnormalities during experimental influenza in adults, and oseltamivir treatment appears to reduce the likelihood of otitis media in children with acute influenza. Investigational anti-HRV agents, including intranasal tremacamra, intranasal AG7088, and oral pleconaril, warrant study in this regard. Depending on the virus, early antiviral therapy has the potential to impact the risk of otitis media following respiratory tract infections.[1]


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