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Chemical Compound Review

Tamiflu     ethyl(3R,4R,5S)-4-acetamido- 5-amino-3...

Synonyms: Agucort, Tamvir, oseltamivir, oseltamivirum, Tamiflu-Free, ...
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Disease relevance of GS-4104

  • CONCLUSIONS: In these trials, prophylaxis and early treatment with oral oseltamivir were both associated with significant antiviral and clinical effects in experimental human influenza [1].
  • Secondary complications such as bronchitis and sinusitis occurred in 15% of placebo recipients compared with 7% of combined oseltamivir recipients (P = .03) [2].
  • These results indicate that oseltamivir has significant antiviral activity in experimental human influenza B virus infection when used for prophylaxis or early treatment [3].
  • Three randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group studies evaluated oral oseltamivir for early treatment (75 or 150 mg twice daily for 5 days) or prevention (75 mg once or twice daily for 7 days) of experimental influenza B virus infection in healthy susceptible adults [3].
  • Selection of influenza virus mutants in experimentally infected volunteers treated with oseltamivir [4].

Psychiatry related information on GS-4104

  • For the treatment of ferrets inoculated with the less pathogenic A/Turkey/15/06 (H5N1) virus, 10 mg/kg/day of oseltamivir was sufficient to reduce the lethargy of the animals, significantly inhibit inflammation in the upper respiratory tract, and block virus spread to the internal organs [5].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of GS-4104

  • Cohort eligibility criteria included minimum baseline enrolment duration of 3 months, age of at least 1 year and no influenza vaccination on the date of influenza diagnosis or oseltamivir dispensing [29].
  • Skin reactions in patients with influenza treated with oseltamivir: a retrospective cohort study [29].
  • In contrast, among subjects with an influenzalike illness but without a confirmed influenza infection, the incidence of LRTCs (6.7% vs 5.3%), overall antibiotic use (19.7% vs 19.3%), or hospitalizations (1.7% vs 1.9%) was similar between placebo and oseltamivir recipients, respectively [30].
  • Oseltamivir 75 mg twice daily for 5 days was well tolerated in clinical trials in healthy adults and high-risk patients, with nausea and vomiting being the most commonly reported events [31].
  • Prophylactic oral administration of oseltamivir was effective in reducing the incidence of influenza illness according to pooled data from 2 large placebo-controlled, double-blind trials of healthy nonimmunised volunteers during periods of seasonal influenza activity [32].


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