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fgfr3 and regionalization of anterior neural tube in zebrafish.

Here we describe the isolation of the zebrafish fgfr3 gene, its structure and chromosomal location. Expression in wild type embryos occurs in the axial mesoderm, the diencephalon, the anterior hindbrain and the anterior spinal cord. In the hindbrain, a differential expression of fgfr3 was detected at several levels of intensity, with the highest expression in the posterior rhombomere 1 that is morphologically distinct from the anterior part, which develops into the cerebellum. Further, analysis of fgfr3 expression in mutants deficient in the formation of the midbrain-hindbrain boundary (MHB), noi(-/-) and ace(-/-), demonstrated that in the absence of Pax2.1 and FGF8 activity, the expression domains of FGFR3 expand into the MHB, tegmentum, cerebellum and optic tectum, which are the affected structures in these mutants.[1]


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