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Use of intercross outbred mice and single nucleotide polymorphisms to map skin cancer modifier loci.

Car-R and Car-S outbred mouse lines, phenotypically selected for resistance and susceptibility to skin carcinogenesis respectively, show significant linkage disequilibrium (LD) at genetic markers mapping on chromosomal regions where skin cancer modifier loci (Skts3, Skts1, and Psl1 on Chrs 5, 7, and 9 respectively) have been mapped in standard crosses. Analysis of these regions for genetic linkage with skin cancer phenotypes in 245 (Car-R x Car-S)F2 intercross mice, by using single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), revealed significant linkage at a possible allelic form of the Skts1 locus, whose mapping region was shortened to a <5.5-cM interval near the Tyr locus. The Car-derived Skts1 locus was linked with papilloma multiplicity and latency by a recessive inheritance of the susceptibility allele. Putative loci on Chr 5 (Skts3) and 9 (Psl1) showed no significant linkage. These results point to the important role of the Stks1 locus in mouse skin tumorigenesis in independent crosses. The shortened Skts1 mapping region should facilitate the identification of candidate genes.[1]


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