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Immunolocalization of iron regulatory protein expression in the murine central nervous system.

We examined the expression of the iron regulatory proteins 1 and 2 (IRP1 and IRP2) in the brains of adult (4-6 months) CBA/J mice. Anti-IRP1 immunoreactivity was localized to cell bodies, including putative neurons and oligodendrocytes. In contrast, anti-IRP2 staining was prevalent throughout the neuropil of regions of the brain consistent with the central autonomic network (CAN) and mossy fibers emanating from hippocampal dentate granule cells. Essentially no staining for IRP2 was observed in the cerebellum in contrast to strong IRP1 immunoreactivity in Purkinje cells. Notably, cells within one vestibular nucleus exhibited staining by both IRP1 and IRP2. Our results suggest distinct roles for IRP1 and IRP2 in the regulation of iron homeostasis in the mammalian nervous system where IRP1 may provide a maintenance function in contrast to IRP2 that could participate in modulating proper CAN functions, including cardiopulmonary, gustatory as well as fine motor control.[1]


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